Opinion Editor comes out to school: News at 11

Stay GoldenSo it has definitely been a long summer and halfway through Fall 2014 semester. I am the Opinion Editor for the Spartan Daily and yes, I have continued by “Phenomenally Feminist” column. I write one every Thursday, which is awesome but also a challenge. I write about controversial topics or really just any topic, through the feminist  point of view. The biggest ones I have written was the one about child abuse and my most recent “coming out” article. People have been telling me that I am brave for coming out the way I did. I feel brave, but I don’t really take compliments well. I think I accept them, but I don’t truly live in them. But for this moment, I am letting myself live in the awesomeness of that damn opinion piece. I wrote about how I came to terms with my bisexual identity and how feeling ashamed and hiding who I am was not good for the cause. I am not ashamed of being bisexual. Some of the responses I have received have been from my professor tearing up to “I had no idea!” WELL DUH! I only told a select few people, so why would you know. Also, asking me if I think you’re hot is highly annoying. Anyways, this has definitely been a therapeutic semester and I hope it follows me into the next semester….my last one as an undergrad.



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