Photos: My time in Vegas

So….I found my long lost sisters.

Me and sisters
Janae, Jazmine and Jerica (Me)
And it’s kind of, really a big deal! Their names are Jazmine Victoria and Janae Marie Scott. I knew I had sisters, I just didn’t know their names. I have this distant memory of our dad, Jason, taking me to his car and pointing to two sleeping babies, telling me something like “they’re your baby sisters.” Of course, at 3 I had no idea what that even meant and honestly who he actually was to me. I didn’t see him much after that and especially after my mother died when I was 5. My childhood was extremely complicated, to say the least. And not having both parents in my life has affected me in ways only my therapist can get out of me.

Unfortunately, I found out when I was fifteen, my father passed away. I eventually got hold of a copy of his death certificate and learned he died the same way my mother did: drug overdose. It sucks, but it has made me the person I am today. If it wasn’t for my parents decisions, I’m not sure where I would have ended up.

I’m not mad at my parents, but it is frustrating not knowing things about them. Their childhoods, their favorite candy or what their voices even sounded like. If I could have 5 minutes with them, I would ask them the details of my birth. It’s something so simple, but I want to know every detail. I also want to know what exactly was going through their heads when they died. Did they think of their children and where they would end up? Did they wish I was happy, wherever I was?

It’s depressing, but its something that has always been on my mind. And I’m grateful to them for what they left behind: my siblings.

Me, my brother Joe and sister Emily

Me, my sisters Nicole and Emily, and my brother Joe

Janae and me with Jazmine for her graduation
I found my sisters Jazmine and Janae through our Uncle Carlos, our dad’s brother. I was just overthinking as I usually do one day and realize it was April 20, our dad’s birthday. So, I went through my search: our grandfather’s name is Isaiah Labeaux and his obituary pops up when I google his name. In the obit, there’s a list of a bunch of names, which I never really looked up. So, I did and our Uncle Carlos popped up. I took a chance, mainly because I figured not a lot of black men are named Carlos. Turns out, I was right and he was my dad’s brother. I was shocked, especially when he actually replied to me. We exchanged conversation and he mentioned he had my sisters on Facebook.

I was like….


Like….I knew I had sisters, but I never knew anything about them. Their names or where they lived or what they looked like. So, I Facebook stalked my long lost sisters. And obviously, I messaged them.

My sister Jazmine was the first to respond. I was nervous, honestly, what do you say to someone who you just found out is you sister?

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 7.05.57 PM

We ended up FaceTiming that same weekend we messaged each other and talked for over 4 hours! About a week later, I FaceTimed with Janae and her son, my nephew, Karter.

We kept in contact and I saved enough to be able to fly to Las Vegas, where they live, to visit for Jazmine’s graduation.

Tallness runs in the family!

Me and my nephew Karter

Me and Jazmine before we decided o get tacos again

My first time on the Vegas strip!
I’m so glad I was able to visit my sisters. They’re both amazing and beautiful women! My story has always been evolving and them being in my life now is a big part of it.

Here’s to more traveling and self-discovery

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