Being liberal doesn’t excuse your racism 

Lately, I’ve been so wrapped up in my own life and dealing with the depressing task of job searching to really care to write about anything I see in the media. 

Let’s face it, if you’re on social media, you’re getting bombarded with Trump news and what the fuck the Kardashians are doing this evening. News can be depressing and trivial. As someone who has studied journalism, I can relate to the urge of wanting to shut everything off and pretend it all isn’t happening. 

But, it is happening and crap will continue to happen. Recently, I saw a spark in news about the ominous “n-word” and I got curious as to why people were talking about it all of a sudden. I read in an op-ed by NBC News’ Jarret Hill, “Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse semi-sarcastically invited you to visit his state, to do some organizing “out in the field.” Your face contorted at the idea. “Work in the fields?” you replied. Then in an attempt at a genteel southern accent, “Senator, I’m a house nigga.””

I hadn’t followed anything Maher did after his “Religulous” documentary, but I did know he was an asshole. 

What was the purpose of saying “house nigger”? What was he expecting  to gain from saying it? I wonder how critical he would have been if some republican politician had said what he said, if he’d be critical of him or would he defend him? 

Maher has also made islamaphobic statements, several of them, so the outrage over the crap he has said is a little late in my opinion. 

I was recently on twitter and was reading through a twitter feed and saw this:

So, from this logic, saying the n-word is okay if you’re white as long as you’re liberal? Maher HAS been saying racist shit, this was just something that caught the attention of an even larger group of people. 

It also makes me wonder how often he uses that would because he used it so casually. What also gets me is the use of the phrase “house nigger.” It isn’t a phrase that should be used in casual, joking conversation. It is a word that is specifically rooted in slavery in America. His joke is equal to white people jumping the broom at their plantation weddings.

Calling Maher out for saying this isn’t about freedom of speech and political correctness. It’s about being aware of what the fuck you’re saying and not being an asshole. 

So, next time you think about using the n-word (this is also directed at nonblack people of color) JUST DON’T. Please, you look like an idiot. Seriously. 


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