In defense of Teen Vogue

Here’s me, Miss-Doesn’t-Have-Sex writing about sex again. In this case writing about Teen Vogue writing about safe anal sex. Yes, sex in the butt. Some people seem to have a stick up their ass (hehe) about Teen Vogue’s article. One woman even burned the copy her daughter had in a video where she ranted about how the magazine is teaching children how to be “safely sodomized.” She continually commented on how the magazine’s target audience is for 11-17 year olds and that they should not be taught about sex.

Why would Teen Vogue even publish something like this?

Well, for one, because they can. Second, Elaine Welteroth, the magazine’s newest Editor-in-Chief, has been doing amazing in the short time she’s had the job. The magazine had already been writing and featuring inclusive content. Basically, it has been doing what most magazine’s have always done: keeping up with the times.

I first caught wind of this seemingly different Teen Vogue, a magazine I read as a teen, when I saw their feature on Native American youth and their feelings on Thanksgiving. After that, it was an article on how Donald Trump is Gaslighting America and they have been more inclusive when it comes to race and sexual orientation.

Teaching teens about sex is important. I learned about sex from school, friends, and partly from family, but as a kid who read a lot, magazines were another source I utilized when learning about my body. I learned about shaving, taking care of my skin, and even masturbation from magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine.

But, looking back, what these magazines often wrote about was centered around heterosexual relationships. I rarely remember seeing anything about lesbian relationships, since these magazine’s generally target cisgender women. Articles tend to focus on condom use and getting checked for STIs. (And of course Cosmo is infamous for their “how to pleasure your man” articles).

So, to the lady in that video screaming about homosexual sex and urging parents to boycott the magazine, get a life. Teenagers are going to have sex whether you like it or not. We’re all here because our parents had sex. SEX SEX SEX, ANAL SEX.

For more on how awesome Teen Vogue is, read their article about safe anal sex.



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