Photo: Marnie Ann

I love photographing my friends. Shout out to Marnie for being my model! (Follow her instagram at @marniebabe and her craft instagram at @hellamarnie)

Marnie Ann-8Marnie Ann-7Marnie Ann-6

I’ve been trying to take more photos, especially portraits, which I love. It’s also important to keep practicing something, because you can lose it. I graduated from San Jose State almost 3 years ago and I’ve only done a few fluff pieces for a local website.

And though I have a degree, it’s been hard to find a way into the world of journalism. At least for me it’s been hard. I have had friends changes their career paths or let go from publications due to cut backs. It sucks because I knew going into school and wanting to study journalism, finding a job was not going to be easy. But, I still love it.

Marnie Ann-9.jpg



Marnie Ann-10Marnie Ann-15

I took the photos pretty late in the day, around 5/5:30, so I was losing the light pretty quick. This area is also close to where I love, right by a hill, so the sun was right behind the hill.


Marnie Ann-16


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