Photos: Christiana and Jade

Christiana and Jade-21If weddings were known for one thing, it would be: emotional. I’m truly grateful to have been asked to take photos at a good friend of mines wedding. The ceremony was intimidate and honored that she and her wife trusted to be capture their special day.

Christiana and Jade-6Christiana and Jade-9Christiana and Jade-39

Christiana was the first friend I made at San Jose State, we met during our transfer orientation. It was nice to see a fellow black woman with similar interests.

Christiana and Jade-41

I could definitely feel the love between these two beautiful, intelligent women and I am glad as a fellow member of the LGBTQ community that they have the ability to live their lives the way they want to. Same-sex marriages deserve to be recognized and valid, despite those who oppose the LGBTQ community think of them.

To Christiana and Jade: May your love forever prosper and your future endeavors be successful and fulfilling.

Christiana and Jade-77

Christiana and Jade-53

Contact me if you are interested in me taking photos for you.



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